Cover: Assurity-A Space Thriller

Assurity-A Space Thriller

Veronika Taylor Morgan knows interstellar mining like the back of her hand. But leading an expedition into deep space is another matter altogether. With a mind-devouring pandemic sweeping Earth and civil society crumbling, the discovery of an alien spacecraft in Antarctica leaves the remnants of humanity hopeful for deliverance. Already shaken—when a message offering help from the planet Nemesis is received, there is finally hope.

Torn by her responsibility to care for her desperately sick son, Veronika knows her mining frigate, Assurity, is the only ship capable of following the map to a cure. But with a barebones rookie crew and a couple of androids, taking the wrong step could seal humanity’s fate forever. Assurity is an action-packed sci-fi novel with a hint of ancient biblical mystery. If you like tenacious heroines, interstellar exploration, and unexpected twists, start your journey into the Unknown today!