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“For me first comes the story, or the location, many times it’s the main character—then the genre.”

I approach writing from a different perspective than many novel writers. I don’t like to be pigeonholed into a genre. It reminds me of an actor who can only play one type of role. Not to say I don’t enjoy reading good authors that write in serial form; I do indeed. But my passion is to learn new disciplines as I go, which provides me with new and varied characters along the way.  Also, I’m a Christian, so my beliefs inform my work, as most authors do. However, that does not mean my stories are predictable or filled with nicely packaged religious people or stereotypical evil villains we’ve seen many times before. Far from it. Grit, conflict, attainment, opposition, and nasty situations are what we find in life. The outcome can be astonishing.

  I  began my creative endeavors as a music composer earning my bachelor’s degree in music composition from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. Working on my master’s degree at the University of Massachusetts, I studied with Charles Fussell, a generous and gifted teacher. With his encouragement, I won several awards, placing first at the BMI National Music Awards. The first prize included the North Carolina Symphony Orchestra performing his “Two Songs for Soprano and Orchestra on Poems by Rilke.” 

  And yet, my passion for literature and writing began during that time. After being asked to direct a collection of ambitious teenagers in writing and acting in their first film for the Sonoma Film Festival—that was it, I was hooked. I still write and enjoy music. 

  Truthfully, part of the experience of life is learning what inspires you the most, coupled with what you are naturally good at. What you are called to do. Then never give up until you have perfected your craft to the highest level possible.

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