About Me

“For me first comes the story, or the location, many times it’s the main character—then the genre.”

I  began my quest as a music composer for films and commercials, earning my degree in music composition from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts.  Working on my master’s degree at the University of Massachusetts I studied with Charles Fussell, a generous and gifted teacher. With his encouragement I won a number of awards, placing first at the BMI National Music Awards. First prize included the North Carolina Symphony Orchestra performing his “Two Songs for Soprano and Orchestra on Poems by Rilke.” And then . . . there were many different jobs along the way.

  And yet, during that time, my passion for literature and writing was beginning. After being asked to direct a collection of ambitious teenagers in writing and acting in their first film for the Sonoma Film Festival—that was it, I was hooked. I do miss classical music composition, but truthfully, part of the experience of life is learning what really inspires you, perhaps what are you naturally good at and enjoy. Then it’s simply a push to excel.