• Anthony Barbera's Newest Novel, 'Jonah In the Time of the Kings' takes you on a daunting and glorious journey, illuminating one of the Bible's greatest stories of transformation. Based upon actual biblical and historical events, Read More
  • The moment August St. Claire ran off that cliff, she dropped like a rock. True, she was running and her legs kept kicking in the air—but then gravity yanked on her ankles and she plunged into the dark surging waters of the Pacific Ocean. No Read More
  • As a mind-erasing global pandemic plummets humanity's lifespan into the thirties, an unlikely Captain and her rookie crew race to a planet where celestial beings hold ransom the cure to mankind's extinction. A Supernatural Space Thriller with Ties to the Ancient Days of Noah. Read More
  • Anthony Barbera-Author

    Anthony Barbera-Author

    Anthony Barbera, interestingly began his author career writing music for films and commercials. After being asked to direct and help a collection of ambitious teenagers write and act in their first film for the Sonoma Film Festival—that was it, he was hooked. His novels, in order Read More
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