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Jonah In the Time of the Kings takes you on a daunting and miracle-filled journey from deep within the whale's belly, over 500 war-torn miles, to the very heart of the sinful ancient city of Nineveh. Jonah In The Time of the Kings illuminates one of the Bible's greatest stories of transformation. Based upon actual biblical and historical events, Anthony Barbera brings the story to life by building a moving portrait of Jonah, a prophet who lived in a time shockingly similar to our own. Amidst battling kings, the politics of fearsome nations and a family left behind, the story reveals the very heart of God--and His love for all mankind. Meet the King and Queen of Nineveh. Experience Jonah's fears brought on by the threatened attacks of the Ninevite war machine against his homeland of Israel. Savor the story of Jonah the man, his family, his passions and his relationship with his Lord Almighty. Appreciate why Jonah was a lot more like you and me than you ever imagined!  

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The moment August St. Claire ran off that cliff, she dropped like a rock. True, she was running and her legs kept kicking in the air—but then gravity yanked on her ankles and she plunged into the dark surging waters of the Pacific Ocean. No one at her high school graduation beach party noticed at first. After all, it was dark and foggy. Then they went berserk—kids scrambling, drunk, shrieking and sobbing. The coast guard never found the body. The next day the small coastal town of Loss Landing slipped into a wave of despair. 

(Please be advised. This novel is a Christian novel, and yet, contains some (real life) language and a couple of adult situations. (It is not meant to be salacious, however, it is representative of  real people in dramatic change to Christ.) This is not a book for teens. 

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The Ryder family insisted on keeping themselves to themselves. Theresa and Jeffery Ryder’s marriage started out perfectly, until about the second week, then it began a free-fall spiral to hell. Abandoned by his parents during their bitter divorce, 12-year-old Norton Ryder seeks the guidance of an unlikely mentor and recluse: Cleveland Browns Hall of Fame wide receiver, Percy Hawkins. Neither realizes that their lives will soon be enriched by their relationship, and then quickly imperiled by the shocking death of "Haggy Mary" the town slumlord.

Catching Baby Moses is a family drama filled with intrigue, hope, and the will to overcome evil with good. Now available at Amazon.

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