AncientGreenCoinMapHunt for the Nephilim

IN OUR STORY THE Nephilim are the offspring of celestial beings, that as it unfolds, first appeared upon the earth sometime before the great deluge. Noticing that the women of men were beautiful, celestial beings took wives, at will, and mated with them. The result of the coupling produced the Nephilim, giants of old—violent superhuman offspring. The hybrids born from this unnatural union were no ordinary children. Leaving behind a legacy of ferocity and fear; the Nephilim were giant bullies, tyrants who filled the earth with violence.


ancientBabAliensNephilim, the violent superhuman offspring produced when celestial beings mated with human women. Fast-forward to 2107. The Nephilim are marooned, or perhaps imprisoned, on a planet deep in our solar system. Led by their shape-shifting leader Azazel, they need a way to return to Earth. As a means of enticing the humans to their planet, hoping for transportation back to Earth, they promise to provide the cure for the disease delirium that was meant to kill them off but is now thrusting humanity into near extinction. Far from being fringe characters in a “bizarre” chapter, the Nephilim, led by their celestial leader Azazel, are on a mission to corrupt the human gene pool, get back to Earth and regain their dominion of the Earth. Throughout recorded history, there have been legends about giants among cultures worldwide, including Japan, Indonesia, Australian Aborigines, India, Islam, Greece, Rome, Britain, Norse, and other European countries, as well as the U.S. — especially among Native Americans. Even today, Archeological evidence of giants, however, is still a subject of spirited debate among scientists, theologians, and others. 

At the turn of the 19th century, there were hundreds of reports from reputable sources of giant skeletons unearthed from ancient burial mounds across America.


hqdefault 1Countless newspaper articles in the 1800s and early 1900s tell of human skeletons being found throughout the world — some even in Idaho and Ohio. And curiously among many of those reports is the recurring claim that the giant skeletons were sent to the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C., and mysteriously disappeared.  Why have thousands of bones of the Giant Nephilim disappeared from the archives of the Smithsonian Institute? From coast to coast, north and south in the U.S., there are remnants of burial mounds, some as large as the Great Pyramid of Giza. The Cahokia mound in Illinois is 100 feet tall with a 14-acre base, almost an entire acre larger than the pyramid at Giza. Monk’s Mound in Missouri is just as tall with a 1000 foot wide base. But what makes these and other mounds of their kind even more intriguing is what has been found buried inside of them. The State of Ohio has more than 70 Indian mounds, burial sites of the Hopewell tribes—the "mound builders"—who inhabited central and southern Ohio from roughly 3,000 BCE until the 16th century. Discoveries of giant skeletons were found all over the northeast, from Martha’s Vineyard and Deerfield Valley Massachusetts, to Vermont and upstate New York. In the Ohio River Valley, a report from a local paper that was backed up by Scientific American found bodies of several giants buried under a 10-foot tall mound.  Other skeletons up to ten feet tall were unearthed in the same area, all with similar burial methods.


Nephilim1Within the ethnology reports of the museum, there are 17 cases of the Smithsonian uncovering giant skeletons over 7 feet tall. There are also supposed reports of the Smithsonian purchasing giant skeletons excavated by citizens, which then disappeared, never to be found or mentioned again. The Smithsonian even had a division for exploring mounds of which there is a written record. Was this a cover-up by the famed museum or did they simply dispose of a debunked myth?

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