Brief History of Delirium & Our Difficulty In Uncovering a Cure.

Eons ago, the Nephilim (a species of giants that lived throughout the Earth) acquired a deadly neurological disease that initiated the rapid decline of their lifespan. Why, we don't know. It was, by all known factors, a death sentence. Unexplainably, it appears, that by modifying their DNA they produced a protein that counteracted the effect of the disease. Following the dispersion of mankind across wider geographical regions the Nephilim again mated with humans. 

Alien DNA with HumanGiant were born and through that pairing the human race acquired the neurological disease from the Nephilim but the cure in the Nephilim DNA did not work as a cure in humans. We know now the reason: There is an extra base pair in their DNA sequence which humans simply do not possess. As a result, humans acquired the disease but not the natural cure. Records indicate that the lifespan of homo sapien, which scientists now agree was much longer than today, also began falling rapidly, halting finally, after scientific advancements, and depending on global locality, lifestyle and hereditary factors, the average lifespan across the Earth 67.685 years of age by the year 2000.

Present day - the disease has mutated and grown worse in humans such that everything I have described previously is happening. We now know that a cure most probably exists if we can capture “viable” DNA samples. Unfortunately, the miniscule DNA we recovered in Antarctica has degraded and can't be deciphered to determine the exact protein that would be a cure for the disease. The number of possible permutations in the DNA is so large that there is no hope of finding it by trial and error—we must find a viable sample of the protein sequence.

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