Jonah In the Time of the Kings

"These Biblical Characters Come to Life. Anthony Barbera’s carefully researched novel illuminates one of the Bible’s most remarkable stories of transformation."

Jonah In the Time of the Kings

God sent Jonah to the most wicked and violent city on the face of the earth to preach a message of repentance. He persuaded a king, moved an empire, and he redeemed himself. Put yourself in his shoes. Go ahead—take the Journey.

Wow! It’s so good! Not only did this book get me back into the habit of reading again, but took me on a wild adventure from Gath Hepher, to the sea, to the desert. I know the story of Jonah backward and forwards; it’s one of my favorite Bible stories. However, this version gave me a different view of the story. t explored Jonah’s character, his family and friends, added depth to the story that most of us only know from text, and reminded me the trip from the sea to Nineveh was not easy for Jonah even if the Bible didn’t mention what the trip was like. It also reminded me that Jonah was never alone, not just because of his fiancé and his friend Amos who was also a prophet, but because God was involved and was protecting him all the way through.

Bonnie (Amazon Review)

Absolutely enjoyed this book! Wonderful writing style. I would recommend this book to young people & older folks. You'd most certainly come away from this book with heightened understanding of this period of history! There is nothing new under the sun. Jonah was a fascinating man, whom any could relate to.

stars Russell P. Senior (Amazon Review)