The First Rains Of October

The moment August St. Claire ran off that cliff, she dropped like a rock. True, she was running and her legs kept kicking in the air—but then gravity yanked on her ankles and she plunged into the dark surging waters of the Pacific Ocean.

The First Rains of October

August St. Clair is still in high school as the book’s numbing opening sets the scene; chased by a possible rapist during her high school graduation party, she leaps off a cliff, crashing into the icy ocean. Clay Moorehouse, her boyfriend, spends the next ten years in prison for her murder. When a young woman shows up in town claiming to be August, it sets in motion a cascading series of events forcing the townspeople to question what lengths they will go to make sure that the truth is never revealed.

Exciting and insightful, The First Rains of October is both a thriller and a morality tale for our times. Please note, some adult language & realistic life-changing situations. Not for those under 17.