Assurity-A Supernatural Space Thriller-Novel Trailer
Parker J. Cole interview with Anthony about "The First Rains of October."
John Batchelor Interviews Anthony about his historical fiction novel "Jonah In The Time of the Kings."
Jonah In the Time of the Kings - Novel Trailer
Jonah In the Time of the Kings is a Jewish/Christian historical novel that takes you on a daunting, miracle-filled journey over five-hundred war-torn miles, from Jonah’s home in Israel and through the gates of the dreaded Assyrian city of Nineveh.
In 1997 I was asked to put together a film for the 1st Sonoma Valley Film Festival--for Kids! Bringing together a collection of "untrained" kids to act and work as gaffers, sound, props, and act, it was such a delight. Thankfully two producers, Kari Holmes and Louise Mann took on the executive roles, allowing me to write (with the kids) and direct the "short" film. I had tons of help and we all had quite an experience. I think you'll get a chuckle out of what the entire group put together in a couple of months. Anthony Barbera
The Making of X MARKS THE SPOT was initiated for the 1st Sonoma Valley Film Festival.