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Writing Your First Novel - Part Two

Well, heck; here we go again—it's your first draft. Careful though. How do you make the final decision about your next book? It may take you one, two, or even three years of intense labor to complete, as i

Love Your Characters

When you spend years on writing a novel or screenplay—you'd better fall in love with your characters, especially your main character. He or she may not be someone you'd choose as a friend, maybe not even a very nice person, b

Figures of Speech in the Bible. Why They Are Important To Understand.

As E.W. Bullinger writes, within his masterful book entitled Figures of Speech Used In the Bible, A FIGURE OF SPEECH is a word or a sentence changed into a different form, changed from its original or simplest meaning or

Louis Joseph Maniscalco

Louis Joseph Maniscalco was born Sept 1, 1911, and fell asleep (awaiting the return of his Lord Jesus Christ) on February 4, 2013. What a wonderful way to live. Loving and kind in his ways, he was upright to the end

Life Changing

The phrase "life-changing" is certainly bantered about with an abandon of late. Particularly in reference to movies, books, and now - even in the applauding of teachings or sharings. Take just a moment to step back in time. S
"Faith is deliberate confidence in the character of God whose ways you may not understand at the tim
A weary traveler was afoot, trudging through the sticky sands of the Mohave Desert on his 
You've talked about writing a book for years. Well, let's stop procrastinating and get to work,