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What Is My Purpose?

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Hello and  greetings to you. Mypurpose within is two-fold: To bring you literature (in the form of novels and screenplays) that exhibitshope in a thought-provoking and inspiring manner. Secondly, biblical writing: It is designed to assist in bringing a Godly perspective from the Bible to those interested in what Ihave been able to glean from myjourney along the way. Words that deliver hope, love and wisdom to men and women of all ages and outlooks — today and into the future.  Certainly, stories, novels in particular, as in life, don't always begin, nor end for that matter, in a pleasing fashion; characters, who are sometimes profane, may be unpredictable and nasty. I don't write sickly-sweet "religious novels;" I'm more concerned with characters who are trying to overcome real-life situations in their lives. A reflection of real life. , overbearing obstacles almost always appear along the way. In life not every person will act, speak, or change in a manner you or I may find agreeable. After all, each person makes decisions in ways that are personal to them, their world view. My stories reflect that reality; so do my characters. Beyondthat, my outlook is that through Christ, victory is ultimately assuredRest assured, my greatest desire is to engage and inspire. To pen a moving story that you will remember. 

I hope you enjoy my work! 

Anthony Barbera

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