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Love Your Characters

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Crew Assurity TRIMMEDWhen you spend years on writing a novel or screenplay—you'd better fall in love with your characters, especially your main character. He or she may not be someone you'd choose as a friend, maybe not even a very nice person, but they must be dynamically interesting. So for Assurity—a big story spanning a great deal of time and travel—the structure of the acts had to be configured properly first. In a screenplay, this is a very formal arrangement of timing and events. The viewer expects certain events to take place, although they may not know it consciously. Most space sci-fi is not character-driven—it is action and event-driven first. I wanted to make Assurity as much of a character drama as a space piece so that each character, each in their own way would contribute to the theme:

"Even in deepest space, He's as close as your very breath." 

Thank's for reading!

Anthony Barbera

The Assurity website with lots of cool stuff about the story.


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