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                                                      Bible Timeline (Biblical Helps)

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Amazing Bible Timeline – Amazing Bible Timeline with World History

3761 B.C.

  • According to Jewish tradition, the date Adam & Eve were created in the Garden of Eden.
    The Jewish New Year is based on this date.
    (October, 1997 for instance, will be the year 5758 in the Jewish calendar).

Between 3740 B.C. & 2500 B.C.

  • Cain, Able and Seth are born to Adam and Eve.
  • Cain kills Able, and is exiled to forever wander the eastern 'land of Nod'.
  • The Patriarchs before the flood, including Enoch and Methuselah, all live to great ages.
  • The flood destroys Eden and all the ancient ones.
  • Noah and the ark.
  • Noah's 3 sons, Japheth, Ham and Shem repopulate the earth after the flood.
  • Destruction of the tower of Babel causes the dispersion of Babylon's population -- sending it to the ends of the earth.
  • The descendants of Japheth, populating Greece, Parthia, Russia and northern Europe.
  • The descendants of Ham populating Africa and Egypt.
  • And the descendants of Shem forming the Semetic people of the Middle East, including the Arabs and the House of Israel.

About 1850 B.C.

  • Abraham and his family arrive in Canaan.

Between 1849 B.C. and 1750 B.C.

  • Hagar, Abraham's slave mistress gives birth to Ishmael.
  • Hagar and Ishmael banished from Abraham's camp and return to Euphrates river area.
  • Ishmael's blood descendants form the Arabs, but all muslim's, including the Persians, trace ancestry to Abraham through Ishmael as well.
  • In her 90's, Sarah gives birth to Issac.
  • Issac's wife gives birth to Esau and Jacob.
  • Esau sells his birthright to Jacob for a bowl of lentils.
  • Jacob wrestles with an angel so God changes his name to 'Israel' (A rebel allowed to survive).
  • Jacob (Israel) has 12 sons: Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Dan, Naphtali, Gad, Asher, Issachar, Zebulun, Joseph and Benjamine.

From about 1720 B.C. to 1250 B.C.

  • Joseph, Jacob's youngest son, sold into slavery (to Egypt) by his brothers.
  • Joseph has two sons, Manasseh and Ephraim.
  • Joseph saves his father and his 10 brothers from famine -- making a home for them in Egypt.
  • Joseph elevated to Patriarch, removing him from the other tribes of Israel.
  • Jacob elevates Ephraim and Manasseh to same status as his sons, creating the 12 tribes of Israel (13 tribes, actually, but Levi was elevated to status of priesthood, leaving 12 to divide up the land).
  • Hebrew captivity in Egypt (Lasts about 500 years).

1250 B.C.

  • Moses leads the exodus.

Beginning about 1210 B.C.

  • The 12 tribes of Israel reach the Promised Land.
  • Joshua invades Palestine.
  • The time of the Judges (This period lasts 200 years).
  • The temple at Shiloh (The first Hebrew temple in the Promised Land).

1040 B.C.

  • The birth of Samuel the prophet.

1000 B.C.

  • David becomes king of Judah.
  • David defeats Saul & reigns as king over all Israel.

950 B.C.

  • Solomon, David's son made king of Israel.
  • The Temple of Solomon built in Jerusalem.

931 B.C.

  • Solomon dies.
  • The fight for his throne begins, creating the Great Schism.
    As a result, the 12 Tribes of Israel split into 2 houses.
  • The House of Israel (the 10 northern tribes).
  • The House of Judah (the 2 southern tribes-Benjamine & Judah).

740 B.C.

  • The call of the prophet Isaiah.
  • Appearance of the prophet Micah (740-736 B.C.)

721 B.C.

  • The House of Israel (the 10 northern tribes) are taken into captivity by Assyrian invaders.
  • They disappear into the lands across the North, vanishing from world view.

630 B.C.

  • Appearance of the prophet Zephaniah.

627 B.C.

  • Call of the prophet Jeremiah.

600 B.C.

  • The prophet Habakkuk

598 B.C.

  • The tribes of Judah and Benjamin taken to Babylon.
    • Jehoiachin, king of the Jews, reigned for only 3 months.
    • He and his mother were exiled to Babylon in 598 B.C. (Jer 13:18)
  • The prophets Jeremiah & Ezekiel.
  • Jeremiah takes the Ark of the Covenant to the Dead Sea & buries it in a cave.

587 B.C.

  • On the 10th of Loos, Solomon's temple burned down by Nebuchaddnezzar of Babylon.
    (Note that Herod's temple will be burned down on the very same day, 657 years in the future).
  • More deportations to Babylon

562 B.C.

  • The new king of Babylon, Evil-merodach, pardons Jehoiachin, the king of the Jews, and releases him from prison.
    • Invites king Jehoiachin to eat with him at the kings table in Babylon.
    • He treated him kindly and allotted him a seat above those of the other kings who were with him in Babylon.
    • So Jehoiachin laid aside his prisoner's garb, and for the rest of his life always ate at the king's table.
    • And his upkeep was permanently ensured by the king for the rest of his life day after day until his dying day.
    • The pardon occurred in the 37th year of the Babylonian exile, on the 25th day of the 12th month.
  • The antitype of this pardon occurred when the Roman emperor Constantine issued the "Edict of Milan" in 313 A.D.

539 B.C.

  • The handwriting on the wall.
  • Cyrus the Persian conquers Babylon.

538 B.C.

  • The Edict of Cyrus freeing the Jews from Babylonian captivity.

537 B.C.

  • The second Jerusalem temple started.
  • The walls rebuilt.

530 B.C.

  • Daniel the Prophet in the court of the king of Babylon.

520 B.C.

  • The Second Temple built (after return from Babylon) 520 - 515 B.C.
  • The Prophet Zechariah
  • The Prophet Haggai

400 B.C.

  • Ezra and Nehemiah.

340 B.C.

  • The Books of Chronicles
  • The Prophet Joel

333 B.C.

  • The prophet Jonah
  • Tobit

331 B.C.

  • Alexander the Great conquers Syria and Arbela; ends the Persian empire.

323 B.C.

  • Alexander the Great dies in Babylon (present-day Iraq).

319 B.C.

  • Judea ruled by Egypt (the Lagides).

270 B.C.

  • The Greek Bible (Septuagint) translated at Alexandria Egypt by 70 Hebrew scholars.
    This translation was authorized by the Sanhedrin in Jerusalem in order to give Jewish exiles a scripture in the language of their exile.

250 B.C.

  • Active Hellenization of Palestine.
  • The Book of Esther
  • The Book of Ecclesiastes

197 B.C.

  • Antiochus III (the Great) conquers Jerusalem.
  • Judea ruled by Syria (The Seleucids).

189-88 B.C.

  • Antiochus the Great defeated at Magnesia by the western general Scipio.
  • His son Antiochus IV Epiphanes held hostage in Rome

187 B.C.

  • Antiochus the Great killed during the pillage of the temple of el at Elmais
  • Seleuces IV Philopator (son of Antiochus the Great & brother of Antiochus IV) becomes king.
  • Onias is high priest of the Temple in Jerusalem. ("righteous & beloved" by the Jews)

175 B.C.

  • Heliodorus assassinates Seleuces IV Philopator.
    • Killing masterminded by Seleuces' brother, Antiochus IV Epiphanes.
  • Antiochus IV Epiphanes comes to power.
    • "Type" of the beast of the last days.
  • Jason (brother of Onias), bribes king Antiochus IV, who appoints him high priest in place of Onias.
    • Bribe includes money & offer to "Hellenize" Jerusalem.
  • Jason introduces Greek reforms into Jerusalem ­ Greek games, gods, Gymnasium.
  • Jerusalem Hellenized. The people divided.

172 B.C.

  • Menelaus, a worse Antiochus-friendly priest, bribes Antiochus & is appointed high priest in place of Jason.
  • Onias, High Priest of Jerusalem is murdered. His assassination ordered by Menelaus.
    • This is the "type" of the assassination of the High Priest in the last days (2 Thes. 2:7; Dan.9:26)
    • (See also, Lucia's visions at Fatima)

167 B.C.

  • The Great Persecution of the Jews begins.
  • Massacres at Jerusalem.
  • The Syrians build the Citadel to control the temple.
    • The Citadel later named the "Antonia Fortress" at time of Christ.
  • Decree issued abolishing Jewish practices and establishing cult of Zeus in Temple.
    • This is the "type" of the future Persian decree (2 Chron. 36:22-23) that ends the Diaspora
  • In December (the 25th day of Chislev), the first pagan sacrifices abominate Jewish altar.
    • The Abomination of Desolation set up

166 B.C.

  • Antiochus massacres Jews in Jerusalem, pillages Temple treasury.
  • The priest Mattathias takes refuge in Modin with his five sons (The Maccabees).
  • Mattathias gives the signal for the attack. The Hassidaeans join him.
  • Judas Maccabaeus leads the revolt after Mattathias dies.

164 B.C.

  • In December (Chislev 25), the temple is purified by Judas Maccabees
    • Hannukah ­ This date gives birth to the Jewish feast of Lights
    • Christmas Day ­ It is on this date that the Church celebrates Christ's birth, the true purification of God's Temple.
  • The Jewish persecution ends.
  • Death of Antiochus IV Epiphanes.
  • The Book of Daniel in its present form.

145 B.C.

  • The Pharisees, Sadducees and Essenes appear.

63 B.C.

  • Pompey of Rome conquers Jerusalem.

50 B.C.

  • Ben Sirac writes the Book of Ecclesiasticus

37 B.C.

  • Herod, an Idumean Arab, appointed king of Judea by the Roman Senate.

31 B.C.

  • Augustus becomes emperor of Rome.

20 B.C.

  • Herod begins construction of great Jewish Temple on Mt. Moriah in Jerusalem.

6 B.C.

  • Birth of Jesus in Bethlehem. (About 6 B.C.)
  • Massacre of the Innocents by Herod.
  • Joseph & Mary take Jesus to Egypt.

4 B.C.

  • Herod the Great dies (March/April 4 B.C.).
  • Joseph & Mary leave Egypt and take Jesus to Nazareth in Galilee, settle there.

6 A.D.

  • Caesarea, a town on Mediterranean coast, made capital of Judea by the Romans.
  • Jesus (12 years old).questions the scholars and doctors of the Law for 3 days in Jerusalem. ­Lk. 2:41-50

14 A.D.

  • Augustus dies; Tiberius becomes emperor of Rome.

27? A.D.

  • John the Baptist starts his ministry.
  • Jesus begins his ministry.

30? A.D.

  • Jesus crucified April 8, 30 A.D. (36 years old?)
    (The crucifixion of Jesus occurred either April 8, 30 A.D. or April 4, 33 A.D. Most scholars favor 30 A.D.).

36 A.D.

  • Martyrdom of Steven in Jerusalem.

37 A.D.

  • Tiberius dies; Caligula becomes emperor of Rome

39 A.D.

  • Paul in Damascus.

41 A.D.

  • Caligula assassinated; Claudius becomes emperor of Rome

43 A.D.

  • Paul and Barnabus in Antioch.
  • Agrippa beheads James; imprisons Peter.

48 A.D.

  • Christian Council of Jerusalem.
  • Pagan converts exempt from Jewish Law practices, setting them free from the Torah.

50 A.D.

  • First Gospel written down?
  • Paul's letter to the Thessalonians.

54 A. D.

  • Nero becomes emperor of Rome.

57 A.D.

  • Paul's First Letter to the Corinthians.
  • Paul's Letter to the Galatians.
  • Paul's second Letter to the Corinthians.
  • Paul's letter to the Philipians?

58 A.D.

  • Paul's letter to the Romans.
  • James made head of the Jerusalem church.

60 A.D.

  • Paul's voyage as a prisoner to Rome.

61 A.D.

  • Paul imprisoned in Rome ­ remained incarcerated there until 63 A.D.
  • Paul's Letters to Colossians, Ephesians, Philemon, possibly Philipians.
  • Acts of the Apostles; Gospel of Luke (between 61 and 63 A.D.)

62 A.D.

  • James (head of Jerusalem church) stoned to death.
  • Succeeded by Simeon, said by some to be the son of the Virgin Mary's brother.

63 A.D

  • Paul set free. Some traditions say he made a trip to Spain.

64 A.D.

  • First letter of Peter.
  • The Gospel of Mark?

65 A.D.

  • Paul's first letter to Timothy and Possibly to Titus.
  • The Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles?
    Scholars say that this Gospel and the Acts of the Apostles were produced as Paul's defense against a renewed attack on Christianity by Nero.

66 A.D.

  • Jews defeat a Roman battalion and set up a rebel government in Jerusalem.
  • Major exodus of people of importance from Judea.
  • A great fire, said to have been lit by Nero destroys most of Rome;
  • Nero blames large Christian community in Rome for the fire: launches purge of Roman Christians.

67 A.D.

  • Peter crucified in Rome. (64 or 67 A.D.)
  • Vespasian with 60,000 man Roman 10th Legion attacks Galilee.
  • Paul re-imprisoned in Rome.
  • Paul's letter to the Hebrews.
  • Second letter to Timothy.
  • Paul beheaded in Rome.

68 A.D.

  • Nero commits suicide.

69 A.D.

  • Vespasian returns to Rome to become emperor in Nero's place.
  • Before leaving his post on the Mt. of Olives, Vespasian Turns the battle of Jerusalem over to his son Titus.

70 A.D.

  • Titus lays siege to Jerusalem and destroys it.
  • On August 29 (the 10th of Loos - and the 567th anniversary of the destruction of Solomon's temple), the temple of Herod is burned and razed to the ground by Roman forces.
  • Many Jews taken into slavery.

73 A.D.

  • The siege of Masada.
  • The Jewish war ends.
  • Jewish Rabbi's establish Academy of Jamnia, soon begin work on standardizing Hebrew Bible.
  • Also begin work on Talmud, codifying Jewish oral law into writing.
  • Greek (Old Testament) scriptures officially renounced by Jewish Rabbi's.

95 A.D.

  • John exiled to Patmos.
  • Final draft of Book of Revelation.

100 A.D.

  • John dies at Ephesus.

107 A.D.

  • Simeon martyred in Jerusalem.

132 A.D.

  • Second Jewish revolt led by Jewish zealot, Simeon Ben Koseba,
  • Ben Koseba is proclaimed the Jewish 'Messiah' by Rabbi Akiba who renames him 'Bar Kokeba' (Son of the Star).

135 A.D.

  • Second revolt put down by Roman army.
  • Ben Koseba killed.
  • Jews forbidden to enter the city of Jerusalem on pain of death.
  • The Temple mount in Jerusalem made into a sanctuary for Zeus and Hadrian. (emperor worship).
  • Temple of Zeus erected near cave at Bethlehem -- the birthplace of Jesus.

311 A.D.

  • Galerius, eastern Roman emperor, decrees religious toleration for Christians.

313 A.D.

  • Constantine issues Edict of Milan granting toleration to Christianity in western Roman empire.
  • Constantine becomes Christian, is the first Christian emperor.
  • Constantine's mother erects Christian churches (including the Church of the Holy Sepulchre) on sacred sites in Jerusalem.

325 A.D.

  • Council of Nicea decrees the doctrine of the Trinity to counter the heresy of Arius which argues that Jesus, though divine, is not God's equal.

391 A.D.

  • Theodosus orders all Roman pagan temples closed.
  • He issues a proclamation declaring Christianity the official religion of the Roman empire.
  • The eastern emperor, Galerius, issues an identical proclamation from Constantinople.
  • World paganism is outlawed.
  • Theodosus' decree terminates the Olympic Games and the temples associated with them at Mt. Olympus.
    From this moment on, the only god permitted to be worshipped anywhere in the entire Roman empire is the God of the Christians.

410 A.D.

  • German invaders conquer Rome. They adopt Christianity.

476 A.D.

  • Western Roman empire ceases to exist.
  • Barbarian rule of Rome by German kings begins.
  • Converting to Christianity, these kings extend the domain of the Church into northern Europe,
    dissolving the Teutonic and Celtic religions that formerly ruled there.

615 A.D.

  • Persian Sassanid Empire conquers much of the Eastern Roman Empire.
  • Their armies reach the Bosphorus (separating Turkey from Europe), before being driven back and defeated.

632 A.D.

  • Mohammed dies. Muslim religion born.

650 A.D.

  • Muslim Arabs sweep to victory in a great march west to destroy the 'infidels' of Christianity.
  • Arabs conquer Mesopotamia, Persia, Palestine, Egypt and the islands of the Mediterranean.
  • Arabs push west, conquer North Africa.
  • Arabs unable to conquer Asia Minor (Turkey).

711 A.D.

  • Arabs conquer Spain, push into France.
  • Arabs defeated by Christian's in France at battle of Tours (732).

800 A.D.

  • Germany's king Charles the Great (Charlemagne) founds the Holy Roman Empire.

859 A.D.

  • Muslim Arabs conquer Sicily and invade Italy, advancing toward Rome before being pushed back.

1054 A.D.

  • Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholics split into two separate churches.
  • East and West divided in Christ.

1071 A.D.

  • Greek Orthodox Church decimated by Muslim invaders:
  • Seljuk Turks invade and conquer Asia Minor, renaming it Turkey.
  • Eastern capitol city, "Constantinople" captured & renamed "Istanbul".
  • They convert Asia Minor to Mohammedism, reducing territory of Greek Christian church by half.
  • This Islamic 'Ottoman empire' invades Europe but is finally stopped after reaching as far north as Vienna, Austria.

1096 A.D.

  • First Crusades begin.
  • Christian wars against Islamic control of Jerusalem.

1099 A.D.

  • Crusaders capture Jerusalem, give Christians control of the holy city.

1187 A.D.

  • Saladin recaptures Jerusalem, returning city to Islamic rule.

1291 A.D.

  • Christian Crusaders lose battle of Acre; leave entire Middle East to Muslim rule.

1492 A.D.

  • Columbus discovers American continent.

1517 A.D.

  • Luther, a Catholic priest in Germany, breaks from Roman Catholic church; posts 'thesis' on church door.
  • Luther decrees salvation by faith alone. Says theological rules cannot save.
  • He nullifies church sacraments.
    Luther puts Bible above both church and Pope as highest authority on earth.
  • Decrees right of individual interpretation of scripture.
  • He rejects the Greek Old Testament and declares its books invalid.

1529 A.D.

  • Lutheran Protest drawn up. Protestant churches born.

1545 A.D.

  • Catholic Council of Trent (1545-1563) tries to reform Roman church and quell the protest, but to no avail.
  • This Vatican Council decrees faith necessary, but retains church sacraments as essential components of the Christian religion.

1563 A.D.

  • The great Christian Civil War begins:
  • Fierce religious wars between all the burgeoning new faiths spreads throughout Europe (1563-1648).
  • Colonization of America speeded by those seeking freedom from European religious turmoil.
  • Democracy (an ancient Greek form of rule by the people) rediscovered.

1775 A.D.

  • Constitutional Congress in America led by Thomas Jefferson restates a secular 'rule of Democracy' that is closely allied with Christian human rights ethics.

1776 A.D.

  • United States of America founded.

1827 A.D.

  • The idea of the "rapture" born.
  • John Nelson Darby of the Plymouth Brethern, the father of "Dispensationalism", issues his doctrine called "the rapture" claiming there are to be not one, but two "second comings."

1830 A.D.

  • Mormon church founded by Joseph Smith in Fayette N.Y.

1859 A.D.

  • Charles Darwin publishes "The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection".
    • His work revolutionizes biological science.

1865 A.D.

  • American Civil War (1861-1865) ends. Slavery abolished nationwide.
    • Almost 500,000 Americans killed.
  • U.S. President Abraham Lincoln assassinated.

1896 A.D.

  • Olympic Games reappear in the world.
    They had been absent since the Roman emperor Theodosus (in the name of Christianity) cancelled them and closed their associated pagan temples in 396 A.D.(1500 years earlier)

1901 A.D.

  • Modern fundamentalism. Baptist Pentecostal movement profoundly changes the face of Protestant Christianity by producing figures like Aimee Semple MacPherson, Billy Sunday and Billy Graham. Loosely knit, a splinter outgrowth later gains world-wide 24-hour a day audience with TBN television network. Impact on modern Christianity enormous.

1903 A.D.

  • Airplane invented. Orville and Wilbur Wright.

1908 A.D.

  • Comet strikes Russia. Thousands of miles of forest levelled.

1914 A.D.

  • Germany leads the planet into world war (the first world war in history).

1917 A.D.

  • British (Allenby) captures Jerusalem -- Islamic rule in Palestine ends as Turkish Ottoman empire is destroyed.
  • Balfour Treaty allows Jews to return to Holy Land ending 1800 year lockout.
  • May 13, first of 3 Fatima visions occurs.
    • In the first, Lucia forsees that WW I will end and be followed by WW II
    • In the second, she is commanded to order everyone to pray for the conversion of Russia
    • In the third, kept secret by the Vatican for over 80 years, she forsees the assassination of the Pope.
  • Oct. 25, Communists sieze power in Russia, set up secular, anti-christ state.
  • USA declares war on Germany

1918 A.D.

  • 1918 Pandemic flu kills 50 million people worldwide.
  • Germany defeated. World War 1 ends (Nov. 11).

1929 A.D.

  • Mussolini secularizes Italy, evicting church from state government.
    • Coins phrase, "Separation of church and state".
    • Forms Vatican City as symbol of the separaton.
    • This action sets stage for the cancellation of Constantine's Edict of Milan
    • Cancels Theodosus' decree in the site where it originated - the Roman capitol.
  • A great depression sweeps the world.

1930 A.D.

  • Secular, totalitarian regimes rise to power throughout Europe and Asia (Spain, Russia, Germany, Italy, Eastern Europe, China, Japan, etc) as Christian authority is stripped from most world governments.

1933 A.D.

  • Adolph Hitler comes to power in Germany.
    • "Seventh head" of the beast.

1939 A.D.

  • Adolph Hitler leads Germany and the world into a second world war.
  • The 'Jewish Holocaust' begins.
    • Targeting House of Israel, Hitler executes over 9 million Jews

1941 A.D.

  • Japan makes World War II global by attacking the west at Pearl Harbor and assaulting southeast Asia ­Dec.7th.
    This is the first major eastern attack on western civilization in almost a thousand years.
    U.S. declares war on Germany and Japan.

1945 A.D.

  • Atom Bomb invented and dropped on two Japanese cities by the United States.
  • World War II and the Jewish Holocaust come to an end.

1947 A.D.

  • UN General Assembly votes to partition Palestine into two states: one Jewish; the other Palestinian.
  • 'Cold War' begins ­ Pits communism against democracy.
  • World civilization alerted to 'doomsday clock' ­ with hands near midnight.
    Clock.created by atomic energy scientists, not religious zealots.

1948 A.D.

  • May 14 - Jewish nation of Israel founded by U.N. mandate.

1949 A.D.

  • Jordan occupies the West Bank; Egypt occupies Gaza. Neither grant Palestine autonomy to the lands.

1950 A.D.

  • Korean War begins. Atheist (communist) north invades South Korea.

1953 A.D.

  • Hydrogen bomb invented. Several exploded in S.Pacific.
  • Thousands are stockpiled in underground silo's as massive arms race with Soviet Union gains speed.
  • The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists advances the hands on its 'doomsday clock' up to a point only 2 minutes before midnite.

1954 A.D.

  • Supreme Court orders school desegregation

1957 A.D.

  • Federal troops sent into Little Rock Arkansas to enforce Federal desegregation order .

1960 A.D.

  • World population reaches 3 billion people.

1963 A.D.

  • June 17 - U.S. Supreme Court.outlaws God and prayer from American.public school system. (Vote is 8-1)

"...the nation and kingdom that refuses to serve you shall perish,.
such nations shall be utterly ruined." (Is.60:12)

  • Aug 28 - Martin Luther King leads freedom march to Washington D.C. Delivers "I have a Dream" speech.
  • Nov. 23 - U.S. President John F. Kennedy assassinated.
  • Dec. 31 - U.S. presence in Vietnam numbers 15,000 "advisors".

1964 A.D.

  • March 27 - Good Friday. At 5:36 PM, the nation's largest earthquake ever recorded (9.2 on the Richter scale) struck Alaska. It was followed by giant tidal waves that lethally inundated the Pacific Coast from Alaska to California. Striking midway through the 11th hour, the Alaska event occurred just 9 months after the United States outlawed God and prayer from all of America's schools, and 4 months after John Kennedy's assassination. The nine months seems to underscore a message that the nation's official rejection of God had conceived and given birth to grave catastrophe, presaging all that is destined to follow (Jer.44:29-30). Good Friday is the day Jesus died on the cross to put God and prayer INTO the schools (Is.2:2-3; Zech 9:9-10; Is. 60:12).
  • August 7 - Gulf of Tonkin incident leads U.S. into Vietnam War.
    • Congressional resolution gives President Lyndon Johnson a free hand to direct war if, & as he pleases.
    • Massive deployment of American troops ordered into Vietnam.
  • Palestine Liberation Organization formed (with avowed purpose to destroy Israel).
  • Martin Luther King wins Nobel Peace Prize

1965 A.D.

  • U.S. President Lyndon Johnson orders U.S. Marines into South Vietnam - Mar. 8th
  • Troops number 184,300 at years end.

1966 A.D.

  • Drug crises sweeps America.
    • Millions of youth begin using marijuana, heroin, LSD, etc.
  • Vietnam War rages on.
    • B-52's begin bombing raids on North Vietnam. (April 12)
    • Troops number 385,300 by years end.

1967 A.D.

  • Israel's 6-day war
    • Israel occupies the Sinai Peninsula; the Gaza Strip; the West Bank and the Golan Heights of Syria ­June 5
  • Vietnam War rages on.
    • Troops number 475,000 at years end. Casulties enormous.
    • Protests at home escalate.

1968 A.D.

  • Martin Luther King assassinated - Apr. 4
  • U.S. Senator Robert Kennedy assassinated - June 5
  • Vietnam War rages on.
    • Anti-war protests at Democratic Convention turn Chicago into armed camp.
    • Tanks roll through the city.

1969 A.D.

  • July 20 - U.S. astronauts land on the moon.
  • Vietnam War rages on.
    • Troops reach peak of 543,400 in April
    • Anti-war protests also reach peak
    • 250,000 marched in Washington D.C. -Nov.15

1972 A.D.

  • Vietnam War rages on.
  • Watergate break-in
    • climaxes President Nixon paranoia over Vietnam war protests & re-election concerns.

1973 A.D.

  • U.S. Supreme Court legalizes abortions (Roe vs. Wade). ­Jan. 22
  • Vietnam War ends after 9 years; over 50,000 Americans dead, 153,000 wounded. ­Jan. 27
  • Yom Kippur war. Egypt and Syria launch unsuccessful invasion of Israel ­ October 6
  • Israel occupies (annexes) Egypt's Sinai Peninsula, Jordan's West Bank, and Syria's Golan Heights.

1975 A.D.

  • Communists drive American presence out of Vietnam in chaotic retreat.

1977 A.D.

  • Menachim Begin elected Prime Minister of Israel.
  • Begin staunchly favors Ariel Sharon's plan for building Israeli settlements in Arab lands.
  • Israel's settlement construction in Egypt's Sinai and Jordan's West Bank begins slowly.

1978 A.D.

  • March, Israel invades south Lebanon, but withdraws in favor of 6000-man UN force.
  • Pope John Paul II of Poland elected first non-Italian Pope. Greatly charismatic.

1979 A.D.

  • Israel under Menachem Begin and Egypt under Anwar Sadat sign peace accord brokered by US President Jimmy Carter at Camp David. The treaty ended 30 years of war. Egypt affirms Israel right to exist. ­March 26
  • Iran under Ayatollah Khomeini invades U.S. embassy in Tehran, holds 93 captive ­Nov. 4

1980 A.D.

  • Mt. St. Helens erupts, explodes. ­May 18
  • Israel annexes East Jerusalem, claiming the entire city, and affirming the whole of Jerusalem as its capitol. ­July

1981 A.D.

  • Ronald Reagan inaugurated U.S. president;
    • Iran immediately releases American embassy hostages ­Jan. 20.
  • AIDS plague begins.
  • U.S. President Ronald Reagan shot & seriously wounded ­Mar.30
  • Pope shot in St. Peter's Square by professional Turkish gunman. ­ May 13
    • See 3rd Fatima vision revealed in the year 2000.
    • Shooting forewarns of open warfare on Perpetual Sacrifice and its guardian (2 Thes.2:6-7),
      • Opens sealed Book of Daniel.
  • Virgin Mary widely reported to have appeared in Medjugorje Yugoslavia.
    • Warns a group of children of a "great event" about to happen there.
    • Says this will be her last appearance on earth before the end of the world and the return of her Son
  • Israel destroys Iraqi atomic reactor. ­June 7
  • Anwar Sadat, president of Egypt, assassinated. (see Jer.44:29-30) ­Oct. 6

1982 A.D.

  • Israel returns Sinai Peninsula to Egypt.
  • Israel forces Isaeli settlers to abandon Sinai settlements as a part of Egypt/Israel peace treaty.
  • Israel invades Lebanon, marching its forces to Beirut, destroying the city ­ June 6
  • Lebanese Christians, under the authority of Israeli general Ariel Sharon, murder hundreds of unarmed Palestinian refugees (See Habakkuk 2:16-17 prophecy) ­ September 14
  • Israel & Ariel Sharon draw world condemnation for massacre.
  • Fueled by Lebanon invasion, fundamentalist Islamic Shia fanaticism continues to explode across Middle East.
  • Britain legalizes homosexuality

1984 A.D.

  • U.S. Senate rejects 2 bills that would have allowed prayer in public schools ­Mar.

1986 A.D.

  • World drug crises continues to mount.
    • 'Crack' cocaine use, urban crime become rampant.
  • Russian Nuclear Reactor explodes in Chernobyl.
  • U.S. Space Shuttle Challenger explodes just after launch..

1989 A.D.

  • Violence erupts over Israeli military occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

1990 A.D.

  • Hubble Space Telescope launched ­ searching for cosmic signs in the heavens.

1991 A.D.

  • First Gulf War breaks out near the Euphrates, contemporizing the visions of Daniel. ­ Jan. 17
  • Flown in from across the western world, allied troops number 700,000 (425,000 American).
  • Scud missiles hit Israel.
  • Saddam Hussein of Iraq defeated, but allowed by President Bush to remain in power. ­ Mar 3
  • This war marks the first war of the ram in Daniel's prophetic sequence (Dn.8:3-8).
  • Slovenia secedes from Yugoslavia after bitter fighting.

1992 A.D.

  • Soviet Union dissolved.
    • Democracy sweeps to victory over communism.
  • Berlin wall comes down as E. Europe ends Cold War.
  • Leningrad renamed St.Petersburg.
    • Lucia's 2nd vision at Fatima comes true. Atheism repudiated.
  • The Labor Party of Yitzhak Rabin elected to power in Israel. ­ June 23
  • Bosnia-Herzogovina vote to secede from Yugoslavia blocked.
    • Ferocious Serbian war begins; Sarajevo destroyed in seige.

1993 A.D.

  • Peace agreement signed between Israel and PLO. The PLO recognized Israel's right to exist and Israel recognized the PLO as the Palestinian's representative; the two sides then signed an agreement for limited Palestinian self-rule in the West Bank and in Gaza. ­ September 13

1994 A.D.

  • U.S. Supreme Court outlaws the Ten Commandments from courthouse display.
  • In the most startling 'sign from the heavens' during this century, cometary fragments the size of mountains bombard Jupiter in an ominous cosmic display.
  • The 2000th Anniversary of the birth of Jesus. (Possibly 1996 A.D.)
  • A Christian spiritual renewal spreads across U.S.A.; changes congressional power balance.
  • President Clinton brokers peace declaration between Israel and Jordan ­July 25
    Israel and Jordan sign a declaration in Washington D.C. ending their 46-year state of war.
    A formal peace treaty signed ­ Oct. 26.
  • Israeli and Arab extremists repeatedly challenge the peace accord.

1995 A.D.

  • NATO warplanes bomb Bosnia Serbs in attempt to quiet Balkan unrest.
  • U.S. Supreme Court bans school prayer.
    • In other decisions, court remains hostile to religious expressions in civic affairs.
  • In near apocalyptic wording, a U.N. Science Council Report warns of catastrophic effects across the world during the next hundred years as global warming rapidly accelerates.
  • Scientists say most of the world's coastal cities will be inundated by advancing tides caused by polar ice cap melting during this period.
  • Holes in the ozone layer continue to widen as sun-induced skin cancer reaches near-epidemic proportions worldwide.
  • Yitzhak Rabin assassinated. On November 4, while conducting a peace rally in Tel Aviv,
    • Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated by an Orthodox Israeli bent on protecting Israel's settlements in Arab land.
    • Peaceful solution to the Arab-Israeli hostilities destroyed by the killing.

1996 A.D.

  • Most likely date for the 2000th anniversary of the birth of Jesus Christ.
  • The President of Russia leads Easter mass in resurrected Moscow church. ­ 4/14/96
    • This confirms second Fatima prophecy, the conversion of Russia.
  • Rabin's successor, Shimon Perez loses support following a renewal of Islamic militant suicide attacks on Israel. In retaliation, Israel attacks militant bases in southern Lebanon.
  • U.S. Supreme court rules in favor of sweeping gay rights. 5/20/96
  • Pushing security issues, Benjamin Netanyahu elected prime minister of Israel. 5/29/96.
  • Hubble Space Telescope discovers over 50 billion new galaxies.
  • US President Clinton hosts new peace talks between Arafat & Netanyahu after Israel sparks intense Muslim demonstrations by opening a tunnel underneath their sacred holy place, the 'Dome of the Rock' in Jerusalem. 10/1/96.
  • U.S. Supreme court re-affirms decision to ban school prayer. 11/4/96

1997 A.D.

  • April - Comet Hale-Bop appears in dazzling celestial display.
  • Anti-God warfare against Christians grows (especially in public schools).
  • U.S. Supreme Court Outlaws Religious Freedom Act, killing Federal measure Congress had designed to expand and protect the freedom of religion in America. 6/25/97
  • U.S. Supreme Court outlaws Internet Decency Act. 6/26/97.

1998 A.D.

  • President Clinton argues against School Prayer Amendment. 5/30/98.
  • Right to Prayer Amendment defeated in U.S. House of Representatives. 6/5/98.
  • Los Angeles court rules against man who purchased rental space on school billboard, saying he may not post the Ten Commandments there.
  • Scores of churches burned down across the United States.
  • Netanyahu and Arafat sign peace accord brokered by US President Clinton. 10/23/98
    • Israel to recognize the PLO and give Palestine several areas of land for an independent state in the West Bank in return for promise of end of violence. This treaty not ratified until Sept. 1999.
  • Explicit sex talk and savage violence rampant on family TV shows and in movies.
  • The U.S. House of Representatives votes to impeach the President of the United States for immoral behavior in office. 12/20/98
  • Belarus and Russia agree to unite their countries into a single state. 12/25/98
  • Pacific Ocean's greatest 'El Nino' current wreaks havoc on earth, producing mammoth fires, famine and drought in many places; huge floods in others.
  • U.S. spacecraft lands on Mars.

1999 A.D.

  • World population tops 6 billion people.
  • Coming "millenium" (year 2000) is dreaded.
  • 'End of the world' prophecies flourish in magazines, books and on the internet.
  • Hate crimes grow -- mass shootings occur in schools, church and synagouge.
  • Great earthquakes in Turkey and Taiwan leave thousands dead.
  • Wars and rumors of war continue unabated; include Kosovo, Indonesia, Somalia, Cechnya and Iraq.
  • Sept. - West Bank treaty between Palestine and Israel ratified.
  • Sept. 10 - The year 5760 in the Jewish calendar begins.
    (240 years remain until the year 6000 -- i.e., until the 'seventh day' of Hebrew religious history, begins).
  • 3/4 million Muslim Kosovo Albanian refugees flee for lives in Yugoslavian bloodbath.
    • Balkans in flames. 72-day NATO war insues
    • 60,000 NATO troops; 20,000 Americans sent to area.

2000 A.D.

  • The 2000th year in the Christian calendar.
  • Netanyahu loses election by a landslide to Ehud Barak. Hard liners take power in Israel. 5/17/00.
  • Vatican reveals to the world the third prophecy of Fatima (assassination of the Pope). 5/13/00
  • Full contents of the 3rd prophecy quietly made public by Vatican on internet in June 2000.
  • September - Resurgence of Intifada. Bloody era in Israeli-Palestinian fighting begins.
  • Ariel Sharon sees Israeli settlements in occupied Arab territory as a strategic imperative insuring Israeli security. Construction pace of Israeli settlements in the Arab lands of the West Bank increases dramatically.
  • U.S. Supreme Court names George W. Bush 43rd president after month of voting controversy.

2001 A.D.

  • Jan. 1 ­ The "Third Day" of Christ Begins. (Christ to return on "third day" according to scripture).
    • A day to God is a thousand years to man (Ps.90:4; 2 Peter 3:8).
  • Arab-Israel peace process disintegrates.
  • U.S. Supreme court reaffirms ruling­display of Ten Commandments on public land & buildings illegal­5/29
  • Sept. 11 - Trade Center Disaster ­9/11/01
    • The Twin Towers of the World Trade Center are destroyed in New York by Middle Eastern terrorists.
    • Pentagon damaged. Passengers force Capitol-bound plane to crash in field as East attacks West.
    • President Bush compares 9/11 to 'Pearl Harbor' ­ the first battle in a western war against eastern terrorism.
    • Bible Prophecy ­handwriting on the wall of Babylon (Dan. 5:23-28).
    • The fall of the World Towers in the city of the United Nation headquarters 9 months after the beginning of the "third day" of Christ, fulfills major Bible prophecies (see: "The Towers of Babylon").
  • USA "Declares war" on Muslim terrorists; invades Afghanistan. 9/12/02.
  • Daniel's "Chapter 8:5-8" prophecy continues to unfold.
  • Major Business recession begins in wake of Twin Tower fall.
  • Stock market plummets as tech stocks crash.

2002 A.D.

  • President Bush counters secular rhetoric with strong vocal Christian support.
  • Israel invades Palestinian towns; declares war on terrorism. 3/29/02.
  • Palestinian terrorists in Bethlehem turn Church of Nativity (Christ's birthplace) into armed fort.
    • shrine is riddled with bullets and artillary shells during protracted seige by Israeli troops.
    • Fires are set in the sanctuary. 3/30/02
  • U.S. Supreme court rules virtual images of child pornography legal. 4/16
  • California judges rule U.S. 'Pledge of Allegiance' unconstitutional because it mentions God. 6/2/02.
    • President Bush and U.S. Senate dissagree, vote 99 to 0 to keep pledge intact
  • Congress OK's American office of Domestic Defense.
  • Business community rocked with major scandals and corporate fraud.
  • Bush enraged ­ wants war with Iraq & Saddam Hussein.
  • U.N. votes to send inspectors back to Iraq to search for illegal weapons of mass distruction.
  • U.N. tries to cool off U.S. intent to invade Iraq.
  • Roman Catholic sex charges shroud 1-billion member church in dark clouds of scandal.
  • America's plans to invade Iraq continue
  • President Bush authorizes massive U.S. troop buildup in Middle East.
  • North Korea announces intent to reopen atomic reactors. (December)
  • Four U.S. naval carrier groups (the ships of Kittim) ordered to assemble in Middle East.
  • Palestinian state in West Bank nears collapse as bombings and fighting between Palestinians and Israeli army units continue unabated since September 2000.

2003 A.D.

  • North Korea pushes toward nuclear brinkmanship; threatens to declare war on USA. ­1/10/03.
  • US Troops ordered to Middle East said to be rising to 150,000. ­1/12/03.
  • Israeli hardliner, Ariel Sharon, reelected Israeli Prime Minister. ­1/28/03.
  • U.S. Space shuttle Columbia Disintegrates on re-entry, 7 astronauts perish. ­2/1/03.
  • Major NATO & UN rift threatens to fracture the western world alliance. ­2/13/03.
  • (See Daniel's prophecy ­Dan. 8:8 & Dan. 11:3-4)
  • U.S. 'Pledge of Allegiance' banned for its use of the name "God". ­2/28/03.
  • Ruling by the Full U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upholds previous court edict against God's name.
  • U.N. refuses to back U.S. war against Iraq. ­3/17/03..
  • U.S. invades Iraq
    • SECOND GULF WAR begins ­3/19/03
    • Iraq invaded at 4 A.M. Baghdad time..
  • Baghdad statue falls, toppling the second horn of the ram. ­4/9/03
  • Baghdad, symbol of ancient Babylon sacked by rampaging rioters. Fires burn across Iraq. ­4/14/03
    • Babylon's Museum of Antiquities plundered and left in ruins. National library in ashes. Roving guerrilla bands roam the city at night. Gun battles continue to rage.
  • Easter services conducted in the courtyard of Saddam Hussein's palace. ­4/20/03
    • This completes Jeremiah's prophecy that the king of Sheshak (Jer.25:14-30) will be the last to drink the cup of the Lord as it completes its transit around the world. The Day of Atonement nears its end.
  • President Bush declares end to combat, but refuses to call war in Iraq over.
    Occupation begins. Combat continues. ­5/1/03
  • Supreme Court strikes down the country's last remaining sodomy laws. ­6/26/03
    • Ruling legalizes and places gay people in the mainstream of U.S. society for the first time.
  • U.S. Combat death toll reaches 149 in Gulf War II, surpassing Gulf War I totals ­7/18/03
  • Sign of war appears in the sky ­ 8/27/03:
    • The planet Mars, named for the pagan god of war makes it's closest approach to earth in 60,000 years, creating a bright night-time spectacle in the heavens.
      In biblical times, this would have been seen as a certain sign of war (see Luke 21:25).
  • Israel constructs security fence to lock out Palestinians and protect settlements in West Bank. (Sept/October)
  • More crosses are taken down across the United States. Italy orders crucifix removed from school.
  • Episcopal church consecrates first openly gay bishop, a divorcee. ­11/2/03
  • Angry sun. The largest solar explosion ever witnessed by man occurs. ­11/4/03.
    • Solar blast is one in a series of explosions that have rocked the sun during 2003.
    • Solar blast occurs at what is normally the quietest time in the 11-year solar cycle.
  • Massachusetts Supreme Court paves way for gay marriage with landmark Sodomy law decision. ­11/18/03
  • U.S. combat deaths in Iraq total 472, far surpassing Gulf War I totals. ­12/31/03
  • Israel's wall through Palestine speeds toward completion. ­12/31/03

2004 A.D.

  • San Francisco Mayor ok's gay marriage in California in defiance of state law.
    • Thousands married. ­Feb. 12
  • Supreme Court bans use of public funds for ministerial education. ­Feb. 27
  • U.S. lands 2 mobile laboratories on Mars.
  • Major Good Friday Crucifixion movie "The Passion" released amid swirling controversy.
    • Anti-christ protests rampant across the nation.
  • Second Gulf War continues at Euphrates, enters 2nd year - 571 American's killed. ­March 19
  • Arab founder of Hamas, Sheik Ahmed Yassin, assassinated by Israel in Gaza. ­March 21
  • Gulf War - Insurgency begins. Bloody Iraq Counterattack & Kidnappings. ­April 2004
  • Sharon/USA sign Gaza pact ­ Israel's "illegal" West Bank settlements ok'd by U.S.A. ­April 14
  • U.S. Army accused of committing enormous atrocities in Saddam Hussein's torture prison. ­May 2
  • Gay marriages become legal in Massachusetts ­May 17
  • Supreme Court refuses to rule on whether the word 'God' should be removed from the 'Pledge of Allegiance'.
    • Citing technicality, Court punts issue by voiding the lawsuit. ­June 14
  • New Iraqi government established. War continues ­June 28
  • ACLU orders obscure cross honoring California missions removed from LA County Seal ­June
  • Supreme Court strikes down law that would have prohibited child-pornography. ­June 29
  • World Court at Hague rules Israel's Wall illegal. ­July 9
  • Muslim extremists attack Russia ­ down 2 airliners, bomb Moscow, blow up hundreds of schoolchildren.
  • Second Gulf War continues, 1000 Americans dead ­Sept. 6
  • U.S. Congress rejects amendment to "support God". ­Sept. 28
  • A return to God and morality is the surprise major issue in America's 2004 national election. ­Nov. 2
    • George W. Bush re-elected to second term
  • Yassar Arafat, Palestine's leader, dies in French hospital ­Nov.11
  • Tsunamis roll across Indian Ocean killing up to 300,000 in 11 nations from Indonesia to Africa
    • Millions left injured or homeless; many starving and without water.
    • "Black Sunday" ­ Day after Christmas Tidal Wave called worst in recorded history ­Dec. 26
  • Second Gulf War continues. 1,324 Americans dead.­Dec.31

2005 A.D.

  • Mahmoud Abbas chosen as president of the Palestinian Authority ­Jan.9
  • U.S. cancels search for W.M.D. in Iraq ­Jan.12
  • The "Bush Doctrine" declared ­ Democracy to rule the earth (by force if necessary) ­Jan.20
  • Iraq election succeeds dramatically. Voter turnout exceeds 60% nationally. ­Jan.30
  • Palestine's Abbas & Israel's Sharon meet in Egypt & pledge end to conflict between them ­Feb.8
    • Landmark summit may end Intifada & renew 1993 Oslo hopes.
  • Sister Lucia of Fatima dies (foresaw Papal assassination/attempt) ­Feb.13
  • Israel Cabinet approves eviction of 8500 Jewish settlers from 21 sites mostly in Gaza Strip ­Feb.21
  • Syria begins moving its troops out of Lebanon under pressure ­ Mar. 8
  • President Bush euphoric as democracy's world-wide dominoes continue to fall in place.
  • California Judge OK's Gay Marriage. ­Mar.15.
  • Third year of 2nd Euphrates War begins. Over 1500 American soldiers dead. - Mar.19.
  • Pope John Paul II dies ­ April 2
    • Unprecedented almost continuous 24-hour international TV coverage ­ April 2 to April 19
    • Pope Benedict XVI elected in his place to govern 1.1 billion Roman Catholic Christians
    • New Pope affirms John Paul's conservative views will continue.
      • No Homosexual marriage; no divorce; no women priests, etc.
  • Fundamentalist Christian views become the driving issue in new judicial nominations ­April
  • Supreme Court reaffirms ban against Ten Commandment displays except in Texas ­June 27
  • Canada and Spain legalize gay marriage ­June
  • Israel evicts Israeli settlers from Palestinian land in Gaza ­August
  • Two Hurricanes (Katrina & Rita) ravage Gulf Coast. 3rd Hurricane kills over 1000 in Guatamala ­Aug-Sept-Oct
    • One of the world's greatest cities deserted ­ obliterated by hurricane and flood
    • Thousands of poor and tourists abandoned without water or food by authorities for almost 6 days.
    • Government promises to rebuild scores of cities destroyed.
  • U.S. 'Pledge of Allegiance' again banned by 9th Circuit Court for its use of the name "God".
    • CNN quick pole shows America's viewers divided 50-50 for and against the ban.
  • Major earthquake centered in Pakistan rocks 3 nations ­ 80,000 dead; 3.5 million homeless. ­Oct 8
  • Panic sweeps world over impending Bird Flu Pandemic ­ National Geographic says 300 million lives threatened. ­Oct.
  • Hurricane Wilma almost obliterates Cancun & Cozumel, Huge Florida damage follows. ­Oct.
  • Iraq War Toll - 2000 American dead, 15,000 American wounded, 30,000 civilian dead. ­Oct. 25
  • Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad issues call to "wipe Israel off the map!"­Oct. 28
  • France declares state of emergency as Muslim teenagers continue rampage and gun battles with police, ­Oct 27-Nov 9
    • Thousands of fires set across the country. Euro falls as fears of Europe-wide contagion builds.
  • Allstate insurance full page advertisement in the NY Times (Nov. 9):
    • " 8 out of the 10 largest catastrophes in U.S. history, have occurred in the just the last 4 years'"
  • Battle between secular and religious forces in U.S. continues to rage:
  • Kansas Board of Education votes to approve "Intelligent Design". Changes definition of the word "science". ­Nov 8
    • Citizens of Philadelphia vote to oust 8 school board members for promoting "Intelligent Design". ­Nov 8
  • Fear of Al Queda continues to erode America's traditional Christ-centered values.
    • Rights of poor trampled by corporate and political interests made rich by their plunder. War profiteering rages.
  • Defying White House and president, U.S. Senate declares military torture illegal. ­Dec
  • White House defends illegal policy of secretly spying on American citizens without due process ­Dec revelation.
  • Controversy rages over secularization of Christmas; name change to "holiday".
  • Pennsylvania judge bars "Intelligent Design", calling it a sectarian belief serving only "a particular version of Christianity." Intelligence not a part of science. ­Dec 19
  • Britain (N.Ireland, Scotland, England & Wales) legalizes gay marriage ­ Dec 19-21
  • Christmas day and Hanukkah converge on the same day this year, Dec. 25, for the first time since 1959.

2006 A.D.

  • Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon suffers massive stroke ­ Jan.4
  • Iran announces intent to launch its own nuclear weapons development program - Jan.
  • U.S. Supreme Court ok's assisted suicide in Oregon. - Jan. 17
  • California school forced to sign agreement never again to teach that there may have been an intelligence behind creation.
  • Vote puts terrorist group Hamas in control of Palestine. Peace process considered doomed. - Jan. 26
    • Stunning victory sends shockwaves around the world.
  • Bombing of mosque brings Iraq close to civil war (pitting Shiite Muslims against Sunni Muslems). - Feb. 22-25
  • Gulf War's 3rd anniversary. Over 2300 American's killed. Over 200 Coalition troops, 30,000-plus Iraqi civilians, and uncounted insurgents also killed. Journalist deaths top Vietnam. Overall injured may top 200,000. ­ Mar. 19
  • Evangelical leaders meet in Washington D.C. to discuss ongoing media war on Christianity - Mar. 26
  • Gnostic writing glorifies Judas Iscariot; Dan Brown book/movie accuses Jesus and Church group of sin.
  • President Bush and Pentagon speak publicly of possible plans to bomb Iran. - April
  • Birth of the "ten nations"? - Iran is the 7th nation invited into the Eastern world's "Shanghai Cooperation Organization", the eastern world's Regional Security Alliance, a military defense cooperative. The other members are Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Ubekistan, Tajikstan, China, and now Iran (Persia) ­ April 25
  • San Diego judge orders 50-year old cross honoring Korean War Veteran's torn down immediately ­ May 3
  • California judge rules "In God We Trust" may remain on U.S. Coins.  Cites "Ceremonial Deism" law. ­ June 12
  • Gulf War continues. 2500+ Americans & 50,000+ Iraqi's dead. "No end in sight" ­ Pres. Bush.
  • Anglican Archbishop rules against Episcopalian move to sanctify (ordinate) active gays. Schism threatened. ­ June 27
    • Anglican church (worldwide) is 80 million. Episcopalian branch (America) is 2.3 million
  • Israel attacks Palestine, jails 1/3rd of Hamas cabinet over kidnapped Israeli soldier. Shakey peace ends ­ June 29
  • U.S. Supreme Court stays destruction of San Diego cross. May hear case.
  • New York state's highest Court rejects gay marriage. Ruling called major setback, nationally. ­ July 6
  • Israel strikes Lebanon in major military assault over kidnapping of 2 soldiers.  ­ July 12
    • Hezbollah missle attacks on Israel evoke huge military retaliation.  Middle East war crises looms
  • War rages between Israel and a Hezbollah army that has appropriated Lebanon. Both nations in flames. ­ July 29
  • Cease Fire between Israel and Hezbollah ­ Aug 14
  • Episcopal church in Pasadena, California targeted by IRS for preaching sermon against war. ­ Sept 16
  • Global Muslim rioting erupts over Pope's Sept.13th claim that their religion promotes violence rather tham peace.
  • New York Times prints full page advertisement condemning God, religion and Christianity. ­Sept 24
  • Democrats sweep both houses of congress in anti-war protest win. ­11/7
  • President Ford dies 12/26.  State Funeral follows; continues to January 3rd.
  • Iraq civil war continues to rage between Sunni's & Shiites. 100's die daily. American dead reach 3000
  • Saddam Hussein of Iraq handed over to Shiites ­ executed by hanging ­12/29.

2007 A.D.

  • President Bush escalates war in Iraq, deploys additional troops and aircraft carrier to Persian Gulf in warning to Iran despite overwhelming congressional and public protests to end American involvement there.
  • Mexico legalizes homosexual marriage in response to changing moral climate in western world ­3/16
  • Mexico legalizes abortions.
  • Palestine - Hamas captures control of Gaza Strip. 6/13
  • London­8 Muslim doctors try to blow up London theatre district & Scotland airport . 6/29
    • Two of the three cars loaded with explosives fail to explode
  • New York Times lead editorial attacks Bible's position regarding homosexuality
    • Labels Christian who accepts it, "abnormal" and therefore, unfit for public office ­7/10
  • Today is the 6th anniversary of the day the towers fell. ­9/11
  • American economic collapse looms as mortgage banks fail in wake of housing boom crash.
  • Largest mortgage bank in USA , Countrywide Financial, averts failure by selling out to BofA at huge discount.
    • Many layoffs. More bank failures expected by experts. ­10/24
  • Paul Tibbetts dies - Pilot of Enola Gay who dropped the "unknown light" on Hiroshima in 1945 ­11/1
  • Israel and Palestine announce talks designed to find a peaceful settlement in 2008.
    • President Bush meets with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Mahmoud Abbas of Palestine ­11/27
  • Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore given Nobel Peace Prize for publicizing global warming dangers
    • Alerts world to human role in process and need to dramatically cut CO2 emissions.
  • Christian religion a major issue in early primary election campaign for U.S. president.
  • American economy teeters on the precipice ­ sparked by turbulent credit market & housing price crash.
  • Pakistan candidate for prime minister, Ms Benazir Bhutto assassinated; her nation plunged into chaos ­12/26
  • American dead in Iraq War nears 4000 as 2007 ends.

2008 A.D.

  • Cross on Mt. Soledad in San Diego continues to stand as court battles to tear huge monument down continue.
  • One of the largest Wall Street investmant banks in America, Bear Stearns, sells out at a 99% discount
    • Averts bank failure only be selling for one penny on the dollar. Few survive job purge. ­3/16
  • All economic numbers continue to tumble. Hushed talk of "Great Depression" in the winds of Wall Street.
  • Iraq & Afghanistan wars enter 6th year ­3/19
  • Presidential candidate John McCain foresees American troops in Iraq for 100 years.
  • Crude oil prices soar to $119 a barrel. Price was $10 a barrel only nine years ago. Gasoline and fuel prices skyrocket, severely impacting consumer, retailing & manufacturing costs for energy.
  • Wheat prices double as grain prices soar. Huge scarcities projected. Costco limits rice & flour sales.
  • Dairy and egg shortages said to be severe. Prices surge to record levels.
  • Rioting over food shortages begin in third world nations. ­April
  • American job market on precipice of collapse as economic numbers continue to tumble.
  • California Supreme court ok's gay marriage throughout state.­ 5/15
    • OK's gay marriage to out of state citizens as well, regardless of laws in other states.
  • Roaring seas kill hundreds of thousands in Myanamar (formerly Burma). Toll continues to climb as aid stalls. ­May
  • Catastrophic earthquake rocks China. Tens of thousands dead in Sichuan Province ­5/12
  • 60th anniversary of the founding of the modern state of Israel ­5/14/48 to 5/14/08
  • Israel opens direct peace talks with Syria ­5/21
  • Crude Oil prices top $132 a barrel. $7 per gallon gasoline prices predicted. ­ 5/23
    • Oil prices climb to $149 a barrel & higher. Huge impact worldwide.
  • Greece performs first gay marriages in its history. 6/4
  • The western world's top 4 oil giants to set up operations in Iraq. ­6/18
    • (Saddam Hussein had thrown them out 36 years ago when he came to power).
  • Unable to trace latest (tomato?) contamination, FDA says it can no longer insure US food safety.
    • (Cites lack of money, staffing and technology)
  • Indy-Mac fails; Fannie Mae & Freddy Mac on brink of collapse. Mortgage panic narrowly averted. ­7/11
    • U.S. Taxpayers assume enormous debt in Mortgage bailout as privatization attempt fails.
  • Russia invades Georgia, signalling a re-awakened "bear" with teeth of iron in the far north 8/10
    • Formative stage of the ten nations?  Return of the cold war?
  • Russia and Georgia sign a truce as Russian troops near Georgian capitol. 8/16
  • America's financial system crashes. Reckless unregulated management ruins Wall Street  9-11 to 9-19
    • Real Estate bubble collapse brings down the "second tower of Babylon" ­vide: "Fall of the Towers"
    • Stock Market crashes - 777 point fall is largest in U.S. stock market history.­9/29
    • Huge firms crumble, AIG, Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, WaMu, Morgan Stanley, etc.
    • Money markets founder as Wall Street's vaunted Investment Banking System disintegrates.
    • U.S. Taxpayers saddled with catastrophic debt in bailout maneuvers.
    • Recession goes global as stocks plunge throughout world ­Mon, 10/6
    • Wild volatility & near thousand-point swings dog market.
    • Over a trillion dollars in retirement savings vanish in securities meltdown.
    • Credit markets frozen. Spending stops..
    • Crisis ushers in severe times ahead. Recovery expected to take years
  • Barack Obama elected 44th president of the United States ­ 11/4
  • California voters overturn judicial ruling; cancel gay marriage in state ­ 11/4
    • National protests by gays follows the ban.  Mormon church a major target.
  • U.S, puts up a trillion dollars to stop imminent collapse of Citibank as financials founder.
    • Cites "too big to be allowed to fail" reason for extraordinary bailout ­ 11/23
  • Global Ponzi scheme exposed by falling market ­ 50 billion dollar loss staggers world ­ 12/11
    • Neglect of oversight blamed on deregulation of markets.
  • Hamas rocket attacks met with furious Israeli bombardment in Gaza. Hundreds die ­12/28

2009 A.D.

  • Unprecedented national acclaim accompanies President Obama as he takes oath of office. ­1/20
    • Over 2 million people crowd national mall to watch historic event
  • Obama bans torture.
  • New flu virus (H1N1) from Mexico threatens global pandemic this fall ­4/21
  • "Euphrates River Drying Up" - Front page article, New York Times -7/14
  • Episcopalians vote overwhelmingly in favor of consecrating more non-celibate gay bishops -7/15
  • Unemployment continues to increase as Wall Street posts its richest quarterly profits ever -7/15
  • Armed gunslingers stalk U.S. president in Arizona and elsewhere as party rivalries crater unity.
  • Largest Lutheran branch in the U.S. votes to accept non-celibate gays into their clergy -8/21
  • President Obama awarded Nobel Peace Prize for banning torture & preventing world depression -10/9
  • Maine becomes 31st state to block gay marriage through public referendum ­ 11/4
  • Episcopalian church consecrates 2nd non-celibate gay bishop ­ (a lesbian) in S.California.
  • Afghanistan war heats up as thirty-thousand more troops sent in. Combat deaths there soar.
  • Alert passengers prevent Muslim terrorist from blowing up American airliner over Detroit - 12/25.

2010 A.D.

  • The world's war on terror launched in 2001 continues into its 9th year.
  • Deep economic recession continues as unemployment figures remain above 10% nationally.
  • Rage against Wall Street continues as Goldman Sachs reveals average 2009 employee pay nearly $600,000 apeice.
  • More than 250,000 die in terrible Haiti earthquake. -1/12
  • Chile in 'state of catastrophe' after vast 8.8 magnitude quake and tsunami - 2/27
  • Popular Fox News Pundit, Glenn Beck, warns viewers to abandon all Christian churches that advocate for the poor -3/9
    • Blaspheming the Holy Spirit, Beck compares such advocacy to "Nazi's and Communist's"­ (evil spirits).
  • 2002 ruling against God reversed. References to 'God' now ruled legal by 9th Circuit Court of Appeals - 3/11
    • New ruling applies to both U.S. 'Pledge of Allegiance' and U.S. currency.
  • Mexico ­ First gay (lesbian) marriage in Latin American history performed - 3/11
  • U.S. sternly censures Israel's latest intention to widely expand Israeli settlements into Arab land - 3/12.
  • Revelation of past priest sexual abuse and its extent in Germany stuns Pope Benedict - 3/12
  • Texas State School Board votes to expunge Thomas Jefferson from its history books -3/13
    • Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, and was 3rd President of the U.S.A.
  • American Health care bill signed into law after long, rancorous fight. Law 100 years in the making. -3/23
    • Bill provides safety net that will save thousands of lives and help millions of sick people.
  • Roman Catholic Pope comes under fierce attack for molestations committed by errant priests. ­4/2
    • Scandal threatens to founder billion-member church and scatter large numbers from its ranks.(Jer.15:9)
  • U.S. National Day of Prayer abolished by Court order. ­4/16
    • Wisconsin Federal judge bows to atheist group
    • President Obama appeals ruling and says he will sign this years prayer proclamation despite court order.
  • Wall Street defiantly restores all its lethal schemes as friendly politicians block reform.
  • National Day of Prayer passes quietly and unnoticed as country agonizes over massive Gulf oil spill.­5/5
  • Senate votes to allow homosexuals to serve openly in the U.S. military (ends "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy). ­12/18

2011 A.D.

  • Thousands of birds fall out of sky across the U.S. southern states (Zeph.1:3) -January 1-3
  • Rioting and political uprisings inflame Egypt, Tunisia and Yemen; threaten Middle East stability -January 27+
  • Egyptian dictatorship toppled by people's revolt. -2/11
  • Dramatic political rioting across Middle East continues into April.
  • US attacks Libyan forces, plunging this nation into a 3rd simultaneous war in the Middle East.
  • Massive earthquake, tidal waves plus nuclear disaster strike northern Japan. -March 11
    • Tens of thousands dead or missing.
    • Chernoble-level radiation fears grip the west and much of the world.

2018 A.D.

  • The 70th anniversary of the rebuilding of Israel

2030 A.D.

  • The 2000th anniversary of the Crucifixion of Jesus. (Possibly 2033 A.D.)
  • The 2000th anniversary of the first Pentecost. (Possibly 2033 A.D.)

2070 A.D.

  • The 2000th anniversary of the destruction of Herod's Temple.
  • The 2000th anniversary of the Jewish dispersion to Rome (the Diaspora).

2240 A.D.

  • In October, the dawn of the 7th Millenium in the Jewish calendar arrives -- the Jewish year 6001.
    • (i.e, Creation's 7th day) begins. Eveything that belongs to God must return to God unequivacobly on this date.
    • According to scripture, the seventh day is a day of rest. As such its arrival officially ends the 6000-year "toiling of the nations". The importance of this date was made irrelevant by the prediction of Jesus that the days of the end will become so wicked that God will have to cut them short.

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