Writer's Journey

Writer's Journey is my reflections of ideas, the thought process, inspiration and difficulties I encounter during my writing. Hopefully, it will help you avoid some of the pitfalls I've encountered and provided you some helpful hints along the way.


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WHEN YOU SPEND YEARS WRITING A NOVEL OR A SCREENPLAY—you'd better fall in love with your characters, especially your main character. He or she may not be someone you'd choose as a friend, maybe not even a very nice person, but they must be dynamically interesting. So for Assurity—a big story spanning a great deal of time and travel—the structure of the acts had to be configured properly first. In a screenplay, this is a very formal arrangement of timing and events. The viewer expects certain events to take place, although they may not know it consciously. Most space sci-fi is not character-driven—it is action and event-driven first. I wanted to make Assurity as much of a character drama as a space piece so that each character, each in their own way would contribute to the theme:

"Even in deepest space, He's as close as your very breath." 

Thank's for reading!

Anthony Barbera





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What's it Like to Spend 3 Years + on a Screenplay?

FIRST, let me say that writing a screenplay is a very collaborative art form. Unlike a novel, a screenplay, if it's ever made into a major motion picture, will change in diverse ways by the time it is completed. Along with writing the screenplay Assuity, which is set in the future (2107), I was required to learn multiple facets of space travel mechanics, not to mention genetics which plays such a prominent part of the story. That's one of the inspiring things about writing — learning "new things" about the life around us. So before I delve into some of the particulars, let me thank some people who have assisted me along the way. 

   Jeanne Veillette Bowerman read my first unwieldy script and led me to Eric Bork who for almost a year was instrumental in helping me hone the screenplay into a workable story. Tough, he was understanding and patient with my digressions and forced me to conform to the norms of screenplay format that are necessary. Then Jennifer Grisanti assisted with my desire to make Assurity as much a people drama as a space adventure. My point of view is and always has been: If you don't care about these people no one else will, either. Finally, Tammy of Proof My Script did the amazing in assisting me in getting from 158 pages to 120 (which is max for a spec screenplay). Not to mention her other insights. Last and of unending assistance was Jim Bickford who works on many projects for NASA and is an expert on antimatter and space travel. He not only assisted in my technical challenges but loves sci-fi, has a similar worldview and came up with some brilliant ideas that made the story even better. To all of you, I say, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. I will continue these notes about screenwriting Assurity as I can. Now onto the novel version. Would you like to see it in a series? (quicker) or a Novel?

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